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Laser Eye Surgery Risks – Things You Should Know Before Opting for LASIK

Advanced technology and specialized equipment have reduced vision-threatening laser eye surgery risks to less than 1%, however, exceptions are always there. LASIK eye surgery costs1 thousands of dollars but still nearly 100,000 patients undergo LASIK each year and the trend is becoming increasingly popular.

Laser eye surgery is an excellent option for the patients who want to get rid of their vision-corrective eyewear. Also, it helps patients lead a hassle-free life and free from the tension of maintaining and changing eyewear whenever their focal length changes.

Laser Eye Surgery Risks

The majority of laser eye surgery risks are not serious and are easily treatable. On the other hand, there are some complications which are resolved over time as the eye heals naturally.

However, it is of utmost importance that you should know laser eye surgery risks before you opt for the treatment. It will help you a lot in deciding whether you should go for the treatment.

Following are the most common laser eye surgery risks associated with the treatment:

Over correction or Under correction

Over correction or under correction is a laser eye surgery risk in which a patient may need an enhancement to increase the acuity of vision. This surgery is not possible unless the patient completely recovers from the first surgery.

Over correction or under correction is more common in patients with extreme prescriptions. However, the patients with too thin or irregular cornea are also not eligible for this surgery.  

Dry Eye

Dry eyes are one of the most common laser eye surgery risks a patient may face right after the surgery. Usually they are resolved over the first six months after the surgery. Patients with already dry eyes are more prone to this complication. 2

Corneal Infection

Corneal Infection-A Laser Eye Surgery Risk

It is an uncommon laser eye surgery risk in which the cornea of the patient becomes infected after the surgery. The chances of corneal infection are 1 in 1,000 which causes discomfort and a delay in the healing process. Antibiotics and steroids can be used to treat the corneal infection.

Corneal Infection-A Laser Eye Surgery Risk

Irregular Astigmatism

This laser eye surgery risk can lead to visual distortion, especially in dim lighting. Further laser surgery is required to treat irregular astigmatism.


Though a patient may have perfect vision after the surgery but, in regression, the vision may deteriorate over time and the prescription slowly returns. It is more common in patients with higher prescriptions.

More Affected Vision

Vey few patients who have undergone laser eye surgery ended in a worse vision than they were in earlier. This affected vision is a result of irregular removal of the corneal tissue.

Need for Vision Corrective Eye wear

Studies have shown that laser eye surgery does not ensure perfect vision. This is particularly right for older patients who may need glasses to read even after their myopia is surgically treated.

Though the laser eye surgery risks mentioned above are real, they are very rare. Each day thousands of people around the world opt for LASIK and are happy with the results, which means that the treatment is effective and the LASIK eye surgery cost is worth it.

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