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Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery – A Long Term Investment to Get Your Vision Corrected

LASIK has gained confidence of people in the past few years. The reason is now it uses advanced and sophisticated technology which reduces the potential LASIK complications. However, there are many surgeons who only propose benefits2 of this corrective eye vision procedure to their patients and avoid disclosing the potential surgery risks3 of this treatment.

Laser Eye Surgery

Corrected Eye Vision-The Most Important Benefit of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is one of the miracles of advanced medical science. Also, it is the best alternative for the people who wear glasses and lenses.

LASIK is therefore, a handy, cost effective and the most preferred procedure to correct vision. The benefits of the laser eye surgery are immense and leave pleasant effects on the patient’s family, professional and social lives.

Corrected Eye Vision-The Most Important Benefit of Laser Eye Surgery

Benefits of the Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye Surgery Procedure is Swift

One of the truly remarkable benefits of the laser eye surgery is that the latest equipment and procedures used have reduced the treatment time to less than 30 minutes. Usually it takes 10 minutes to treat an impaired eye through surgery but the time may exceed depending upon the degree of defective focal length of the eye.

Success Ratio of Laser Eye Surgery

The technical advancements used in this surgery have reduced clinical LASIK complications2 to less than 1%. Moreover, around 92-98% patients who have gone through the surgery are satisfied with the results, which is a clear indication that the treatment is effective.

Primary Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Freedom from Vision- Corrective Eyewear

One of the benefits that excite a lot of LASIK patients is their freedom from corrective glasses and lenses. In many cases, the patients even reported that they enjoy more visual acuity after the surgery than what they experienced formerly with their vision- corrective eyewear.

Perfect and Acuity 20/20 Vision- A LASIK Eye Surgery Benefit
In short, LASIK frees a patient from wearing, maintaining and replacing glasses and lenses, whenever the refractive index of the eye changes. Also, it keeps you away from the tension of broken and lost eyewear, thus saving your money and time.

Perfect and Acuity 20/20 Vision- A LASIK Eye Surgery Benefit

Increased Self Confidence

Heightened self confidence is another major benefit of the laser eye surgery. Many patients who wear glasses feel as if their faces are hidden behind the glasses, and hence have low self-esteem. However, with laser eye surgery, you can have clearer vision which helps make a visually impaired patient become more outgoing and confident.

Single Laser Eye Treatment Can be Efficient

Many LASIK patients have observed dramatically improved vision within mere moments of the surgery. While the ideal time to regain visual acuity may take up to 6 months, it is very common that patients demonstrate better vision immediately after the surgery and discontinue wearing any vision-corrective eyewear.

Immediate Benefits

99% of the people who have undergone the laser eye surgery reported immediate clarity in their vision, and were able to drive their car the very next day after the surgery. The immediate benefits of the laser eye surgery can be seen the first couple of weeks after the surgery.

Psychological Affects

Laser eye surgery eliminates the dependency of a visually impaired person on eye vision-corrective wear. It improves the appearance and boosts self esteem of the patient which reflects in his/her personal and professional relationships.

Better Opportunities

Another benefit of the laser eye surgery is that patients no longer need to worry about packing a back-up pair of glasses and eyewear accessories (in case of contact lenses) whenever they go for a long haul.

Moreover, athletes can also perform their activities during dim lights without any hassles associated with corrective-vision eyewear.

With laser eye surgery, a patient can also opt for professions that require 20/20 eye vision such as law enforcement agencies, aviation and armed forces.

Long Term Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a long term investment to get perfect vision. The results of this surgery last lifetime because the cornea is reshaped permanently, which means the refractive error is corrected for life.

Other Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

There are some other substantial LASIK eye surgery benefits which are discussed below:

  • Bowman’s layer remains undamaged in the laser eye surgery.
  • Corneal surface tissues are not removed; therefore, post-operative pain is significantly reduced.
  • Improved family life-You can easily play with children without getting worried about your glasses being damaged.

To sum it up, the benefits of the laser eye surgery are numerous. It accurately corrects different levels of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism and improves the overall peripheral vision which is impossible to attain with the glasses.

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